President's Message

What is the GVCA and why should you care?

The GVCA, also known as the Green Valley Civic Association, was founded in 1960 as a not-for-profit civic organization by neighbors living in Valle Verde and Green Valley. At that time, the area was an unincorporated community in the County of San Diego and the group sought to ensure better representation at the County level on big decisions affecting quality of life in north Poway. Over time, the GVCA became a major voice in how this area of Poway was developed and its leaders were instrumental in Poway incorporating as a city in 1980.

HOW we serve members
For nearly 60 years, we have kept ourmission to be an “association of citizens who come together to protect and improve the quality of life in our community.” Recently, we have been involved in providing the community factual information on ballot measures for:

  • proposed development of homes and condos at the now closed StoneRidge Country Club

  • a 240-room hotel at Maderas Golf Club

  • fee increases for landscape maintenance districts (LMDs) along Espola Road.

To provide accurate and informative reviews of these ballot measures, the GVCA has met and discussed them with city staff, council members, consultants, community members and the owners/ developers. While these recent ballot measures did not gain the public supportneeded to pass, the proponents areevolving their plans and the GVCA will be there to examine and evaluate the future proposals and keep our members informed.


WHO we are & who else benefits
Our board of directors is comprised of seven volunteer members–all active and long-time members of the Poway community. (See our website for bios Excess funds are returned to the Poway community through donations supporting performances pre-sented by Poway OnStage at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts, Poway High’s “Grad Nite,” and most recently the Abraxas High School gardens project (see next page), and other local activities, events and groups.

WHEN you should get involved
Now is the perfect time. This letter kicks off our 2019 membership campaign. Your generous membership dollars help financially support our mission, our ongoing communications, and community giving.

We are not a homeowners association and your membership is completely optional. Our hope is that you find the mission and work of the GVCA to be of great value and that you join/renew to be part of an important organization. Newmembers join for FREE the first year.

Together with your voice, your support, your civic action, we can effectively address issues impacting north Poway, and also serve as a positive force for local youth and activities, and more, in the community.

We look forward to serving you as a 2019 member!

Steven Stone
President, GVCA

A Future Together Without StoneRidge

President's Message Winter 2018

With the “No” vote outcome of the Measure A/StoneRidge special election last November, and the club’s permanent closing, many important questions remain and new ones arise. As we have done since 1960 with many issues facing north Poway, the GVCA will continue to serve as a watchdog, provide factual information, and be an advocate for our members and the community.

  • Moving forward, here is what we know about the property based on input from the City and property owner:

  • The club is permanently closed and irrigation has ceased; the owner has no intention of reopening the facilities.

  • The perimeter of the property has been fenced off.

  • Maintenance of the property’s landscaping will include only required fire management maintenance per city code.

  • The property is not for sale; the owner will consider any plan put forth by the community that is supported by the entire community.

We would like to thank our members and north Poway residents who contacted us before and during the Measure A campaign. Your input is important to our board as we consider critical issues such as this.

As time continues to pass, we encourage residents to move beyond the divisiveness that arose from Measure A so that someday this 117-acre property can once again be a centerpiece of our community. 

Steven Stone
President, GVCA

Big Decisions Impacting North Poway

President's Message Winter 2017


Redevelopment plans are under serious consideration for StoneRidge Country Club and golf course. Over the last six months, Poway Open Space, Inc., a non-profit group formed by club members to preserve the golf course at StoneRidge, has been meeting with representatives of property owner, Michael Schlesinger, to reach an accord on potential redevelopment plans. On November 2, the Board of Poway Open Space met with a representative of Roni Hicks, Schlesinger’s consulting firm, and developer Cal Atlantic, to review the owner’s proposal that resulted from the planning group’s efforts. The Poway Open Space Board unanimously voted to endorse and actively support the StoneRidge Redevelopment plan and affirming Prop FF vote that:

  • Limits residential development to less than 15 acres (12%)

  • Delivers no less than an 18-hole par 70 course

  • Designs and constructs a brand new clubhouse for members and the community

  • Provides that the residential development be limited to 12 units per acre

  • Caps residential unit count (no more than 180 units)

  • Restricts residential development to an age qualified 55+ community (no impact on schools and reduced traffic impact)

  • Models development after Auberge in Del Sur by CalAtlantic

  • Limits height to no more than two stories

  • Records a Conservation Easement on the 105-acre golf course to insure it is permanent open space

  • Provides StoneRidge Golf Course is maintained in a first class standard throughout the City of Poway’s entitlement process

  • Allows for complete community input and involvement in the entire process


CalAtlantic is in the process of creating a land use map and plan for community review and input at an open house to take place sometime in the next few weeks. If the owner and developer decide to move forward this year, in accordance with the provisions of Prop FF, they will be required to gather signatures to place a measure on a special ballot to gain voter approval for a land use change that allows for housing.


Over the last 18 months, GVCA board members have met with the property owner, Roni Hicks representatives, the Poway Open Space group, as well as City Council members to gather information and provide preliminary input on potential redevelopment of this property. While we are encouraged by the level of cooperation between the property owner and lead stakeholder Poway Open Space, the GVCA will take a formal position when a land use map and plan have been made available.


President's Message Winter 2016

Paying more for using less:  What can we do about the water conundrum?

San Diego County Water Authority board member Matt Hall recently was quoted in the San Diego Union Tribune saying that our water situation is hard to explain to ratepayers. “It’s real hard to tell them, ‘You have to let your grass die,’ and in the same breath you have to tell them, ‘We have more water than we can use,’” he said.

So why is this? It is the direct consequence of California Governor Jerry Brown’s Executive Order B-29-15. This Emergency Regulation gives no credit to local water agencies for developing new sustainable water supplies, such as the new Carlsbad desalination plant – investments that our local water authority has made and we are paying for.

The City of Poway becomes part of this tangled web as it is required to comply with the Governor’s order to reduce water use by 32% (and to enforce the order). This steep reduction is contributing to rising water rates because local water agencies and the City are forced to meet revenue needs with lower sales.

What can we expect if the State continues to impose mandated water reduction as its primary drought plan?

  • Water allocations and penalties – Poway City Council passed an ordinance in late 2015 which establishes a baseline allowance and penalties for excess non-essential use.
  • Mandated irrigation standards – the State recently required cities to adopt irrigation standards for new construction, existing landscape rehabilitation greater than 2,500 square feet needing city approval, and for existing homes with landscape area greater than one acre.
  • Continued mandated water cuts and higher water rates – reduced water sales coupled with ever increasing operating cost and more expensive desalination and recycled water will result in higher rates.

What can YOU do?

  • Be engaged. Sign up to receive email notifications of City of Poway city council meeting agendas so you are informed of when new restrictive water-related ordinances are being considered and adopted. Go to:
  • Attend council meetings and contact Council Members directly to voice your comments on issues, such as water, that directly impact your quality of life, home value and community.
  • Contact our state legislators:

38th Senate District - JOEL ANDERSON
500 Fesler Street, Suite 201
El Cajon 92020
(619) 596-3136 • Fax (619) 596-3140

77th Assembly District - BRIAN MAIENSCHEIN
12396 World Trade Drive, Suite #118
San Diego, CA 92128
(858) 675-0077 • Fax (858) 675-0688

These elected officials support petitioning Governor Brown to allow us to meet mandated cutbacks through both conservation and sustainable water supplies, such as the Carlsbad desalination plant. Let them know you support their efforts for a more balanced drought management plan. You can also contact the State Water Resources Control Board directly:

Jeanine Townsend, Clerk of the Board
State Water Resources Control Board
1001 I Street, 24th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

President's Message - Winter 2015

“GVCA | Green Valley Civic Association” - What’s in a Name?

When you break it down word for word, “Green Valley Civic Association” holds a lot of meaning – and purpose – for North Poway residents like you:

GREEN VALLEY refers to the northern area of the City of Poway. This name dates back to the 1800s when the area was actively farmed with avocado and citrus orchards and nicknamed “Green Valley” by local ranchers. The area now encompasses over 3,000 homes in the north corner of Poway.

CIVIC engagement or participation “is the encouragement of the general public to become involved
in the political process and the issues that affect them. It is the community coming together to be a collective source of change, political and non-political. Civic engagement is about the right of the people to define the public good, determine the policies by which they will seek the good, and reform or replace institutions that do not serve that good. Civic engagement can also be summarized as a means of working together to make a difference in the civil life of our communities. It means promoting a quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.” (

ASSOCIATION is an organization of people with a common purpose and having a formal structure. (

Put together, these words truly define the Green Valley Civic Association (GVCA) – a north Poway association of citizens, people like our members, who come together to make a difference in the quality of life in our community. We do not represent a single entity, a specific neighborhood, or one issue, but rather the interests of the whole north Poway community and our members.

To that end, we need YOUR voice, YOUR support, and YOUR civic action to be fully effective. 

President's Message - Winter 2014

Does the GVCA make a you? the community?

I asked myself that as I sat down to write this letter to you. After attending countless city council meetings, community meetings, consultant meetings, reading staff reports to council and consultant reports, and writing letter after letter, I certainly hope we make a difference; after all, that’s our mission. Let’s look back over the years and see...

(For those of you who are not familiar with the GVCA or Green Valley Civic Association, we are a volunteer- based community organization formed in 1960 dedicated to improving the quality of life in north Poway.)

What would Poway look like without the GVCA? We would likely have sprawling high density housing, gas stations and 24-hour convenience stores in our rural neighborhood, military air flight paths overhead, a noisy traffic-congested concert amphitheater, water rates that penalized even the thriftiest users on large properties, cell towers on residential homes, Espola Road developed as a highway, and even an asphalt plant. Well, I’m glad those things did not happen. Our efforts on behalf of, and with the support of, Green Valley resident members thwarted these issues that presented a real threat to our quality of life here.

Has the GVCA been a good steward in the community? We make donations to Poway High School crisis counseling programs and “Grad Nite,” support Little League teams, provide college scholarship opportunities, donate to the Poway Parade, and lead trash cleanup projects with Boy Scouts. So I think we have succeeded; and GVCA is making a difference – a positive difference – that improves the quality of life in our community.

With that said, I feel OK with asking you to join the GVCA.