Our Mission

Since 1960 the GVCA and our members have successfully defended our quality of life in the northern area of Poway. 

The success of the GVCA stems from the size of its dues-paying membership. Depending upon the impact of current issues, membership has ranged between approximately 500 and over 1,000-plus households. Our board of volunteers will:

  • Maintain communications with City Staff and Council members.

  • Maintain awareness of proposed land-use developments, City code and fee changes, City finances and policies.

  • Keep our members informed via the GVCA Insider newsletter, emails and website.

  • Periodically survey the membership on controversial issues.

  • In election years ask City Council candidates to respond to questions relating to the interests of our members.

  • Take an active role in the Poway Chamber of Commerce.

Because we are a volunteer based, non-profit organization, we rely solely on dues to fund our activities. Annual dues start at only $20 per year per household. Larger donations are appreciated to help support our mission. 

The GVCA was instrumental in the City of Poway’s creation – seeding the first council with leadership which has set the successful path we continue today.
— Bruce Tarzy, founding City Council member

What We've Accomplished


What would Poway look like without the GVCA? We would likely have sprawling high density housing, gas stations and 24-hour convenience stores in our rural neighborhood, military air flight paths overhead, a noisy traffic-congested concert amphitheater, water rates that penalized even the thriftiest users on large properties, cell towers on residential homes, Espola Road developed as a highway, and even an asphalt plant. Our efforts on behalf of, and with the support of, resident members thwarted these issues that presented a real threat to our quality of life here.


We have a continuing commitment to support our community with donations and our time.

  • Poway OnStage (Poway Center for the Performing Arts)

  • Poway Chamber of Commerce

  • Abraxas High School

  • Tony Gwynn memorial at Lake Poway

  • Poway High School "Student Services" crisis counseling programs

  • Grad Nite for Seniors at Poway High

  • Kumeyaay Interpretive Center

  • Little League teams

  • Scholarships for Poway High college and trade school bound students

  • Poway Parade

  • Community trash cleanup projects with local Boy Scouts.

The GVCA is making a difference – a positive difference – that improves the quality of life in our community. 

Our Board of Officers

The GVCA is led by a seven-member volunteer board, each serving a two-year term. All board members must reside in the GVCA membership area. Each year in January a ballot is mailed to homes eligible to join the GVCA and participate in electing our board. 



Steven Stone, President
Steven has served as President of the GVCA since 2011 and a Poway resident since 1973. He is a third generation GVCA Board Member and his grandfather can fondly be remembered as the GVCA Santa Claus caroling thru the neighborhoods. He is past Chair of the Poway High Foundation and Troop Committee Chair with Boy Scouts of America. Steven is a graduate of Poway High School and San Diego State University. He was previously Corporate Vice President of a publicly traded real estate investment trust of which he was a founding member and now is a broker associate with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices. He and his wife built a home in the Valle Verde area and have two adult children. Steven enjoys mountain biking, backpacking, snow skiing, and projects around the home.  

Anita Edmondson, Vice President
Anita joined the GVCA in 2009 and currently serves as Vice President in charge of the design and production of our newsletter, mailings and other marketing communications. Anita has been a Poway resident since 1999 and is an active member of the community. She is on the Board of Directors for the Poway Chamber of Commerce representing the GVCA, and the PUSD Foundation. Previously, she has held Board positions for numerous organizations, including the Summerfield Homeowners Association, Chaparral PTA and Foundation, and Bernardo Heights Education Foundation. Anita is also a freelance writer/graphic designer and director/workshop leader for Art Corps in several PUSD schools. She and her husband Dave have two adult children.

Jack Tripp, Treasurer  
Jack has most recently served as Publicity officer and has held numerous positions with the GVCA, including president, since moving to Green Valley in 1974. In selecting Poway for our home, we looked all around Southern California and determined Poway was worth the drive to LAX where I was a professional airline pilot. Jack has served various positions on the GVCA Board, including three terms as president. I am proud to say that I was president at the time of the Old Coach development proposal, which the GVCA had a positive influence in the final design. Jack also led the GVCA's opposition to Proposition EE which was soundly defeated. EE would have permitted huge increases in the population of Poway and local traffic. Jack and his wife have two sons, which attended PUSD schools, his wife Sarah passed away in 2007. I continue to enjoy doing my part in preserving Green Valley as a wonderful place to live.

Julie Bendinelli, Community Relations
Julie has been a Poway resident since 2005, she is a self-employed Commercial Property Inspector. Julie has been an active volunteer in the community. Julie has served on various Board Positions with PTA at Tierra Bonita, Painted Rock Elementary Schools, as well as, Twin Peaks Middle School. Julie has been involved in a variety of outreach programs including The Church of Rancho Bernardo, Soroptimist Club and Children’s Hospital Auxiliary. Julie and her husband, Tom have raised two boys in Poway; one in college and one in middle school. Julie enjoys gardening and hiking the many trails of Poway. Julie was raised in Santa Cruz County and earned her Business Degree at CSU, Fresno in 1986.

David Rauterkus, Membership
David joined the board in 2012 and been a resident of Poway since 1995 with a dental practice on Poway Road since 1992. He currently resides in Green Valley. David is an active volunteer serving as Chair of the Poway High Foundation and is a member of the Poway Center for the Performing Arts Business Council. David and his wife, Lori, have three children who attended Painted Rock, Twin Peaks and Poway High. David enjoys jogging and hiking on the Poway trails, water and snow skiing and racquetball. He was raised in Downey, California, is a graduate of UCLA and received his Doctorate in Dentistry from the University of the Pacific in 1988.

Susan Pratt, Publicity
Susan moved to Poway in 2002 to the StoneRidge area. She graduated from University from Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and University of California at Davis with a Master’s Degree in Community Development/City Planning and a Teaching Credential. She worked at several architectural firms in Sacramento, where she assisted in the design of schools, a prison, hospitals, churches and homes. Later she became a became a high school math teacher and tennis coach for Orange Glen High School. In addition to her career as an educator, Susan has been very involved in volunteer work for the community serving for Habitat for Humanity and Mass Care and Food Operations for the Red Cross. Susan began her involvement in Law Enforcement in 2013 when she began volunteering for San Diego Sheriff Department Search and Rescue. She became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and is now a Reserve Sergeant for the Medical Unit. You may see her climbing Mt. Woodson, hitting tennis balls at the Poway Community Courts, cycling through the Poway neighborhoods, packing food at volunteer events, and participating in church outreach programs.

John DeSantis, Secretary
John has lived in Poway since 2003. John and his wife, Claudia, and their three daughters moved into their current home in Green Valley on the morning of the Cedar Fire in 2003. A traumatic start to their Poway experience, but one which did not diminish John’s love of our wonderful community. Two of John’s children attended Twin Peaks Middle School and/or Poway High.  John is a tax and finance professional, working for ResMed in San Diego. He enjoys golf and hiking, and both he and Claudia take an active interest in events shaping the North Poway community.

Past Presidents
1960 Norm Summer
1961 Roman Peisinger
1962 Clay Perkins
1963 Clay Perkins
1964 Rober Stegman
1965 Carlton Shmock
1966 R.L. Smithson
1967 Bob Alvarado
1968 George Putness
1969 Chas Fox
1970 Warren De Young
1971 Sanford Hunt
1972 Anton White
1973 Carolyn Grant
1974 Alan Hemphill
1975 Marland Garth
1976 Marland Garth
1977 Vic Spreckler/Marland Garth
1978 Al Geldard
1979 Bob Brooks
1980 Diane Ward Walters
1981 Warren Dey Young/Eleanor Chin
1982 Jim Hydahl
1983 Jim Hydahl
1984 Jack Tripp
1985 Jack Tripp
1986 Dick Allen
1987 Dick Allen
1988 Gordon Meyer/Bob Myers
1989 Bob Myers
1990 Alan Sugerman/Jack Tripp
1991 Alan Sugerman
1992 Bruce Tarzy
1993 Bruce Tarzy
1994 Mark Gordon
1995 Jerry Hargarten
1996 Ron Enos
1997 Ron Enos
1998 Bruce Tarzy
1999 Jim Seifert
2000 Jim Seifert
2001 Becky Lindsay
2002 Becky Lindsay
2003 Jack Tripp
2004 Jack Tripp
2005 Bruce Tarzy
2006 Bruce Tarzy
2007 Bruce Tarzy
2008 Bruce Tarzy
2009 Bruce Tarzy
2010 Bruce Tarzy
2011 Steven Stone
2012 Steven Stone
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