President's Message - Winter 2014

Does the GVCA make a you? the community?

I asked myself that as I sat down to write this letter to you. After attending countless city council meetings, community meetings, consultant meetings, reading staff reports to council and consultant reports, and writing letter after letter, I certainly hope we make a difference; after all, that’s our mission. Let’s look back over the years and see...

(For those of you who are not familiar with the GVCA or Green Valley Civic Association, we are a volunteer- based community organization formed in 1960 dedicated to improving the quality of life in north Poway.)

What would Poway look like without the GVCA? We would likely have sprawling high density housing, gas stations and 24-hour convenience stores in our rural neighborhood, military air flight paths overhead, a noisy traffic-congested concert amphitheater, water rates that penalized even the thriftiest users on large properties, cell towers on residential homes, Espola Road developed as a highway, and even an asphalt plant. Well, I’m glad those things did not happen. Our efforts on behalf of, and with the support of, Green Valley resident members thwarted these issues that presented a real threat to our quality of life here.

Has the GVCA been a good steward in the community? We make donations to Poway High School crisis counseling programs and “Grad Nite,” support Little League teams, provide college scholarship opportunities, donate to the Poway Parade, and lead trash cleanup projects with Boy Scouts. So I think we have succeeded; and GVCA is making a difference – a positive difference – that improves the quality of life in our community.

With that said, I feel OK with asking you to join the GVCA.