Deadline for comments on The Farm at Poway EIR is Monday

The City of Poway has been seeking public comments for preparation of the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the proposed "The Farm at Poway" development. The GVCA has formally submitted this list of areas of concerns that should be evaluated in the EIR and mitigation actions proposed:

  1. Noise and lights resulting from the pool, tennis, club and parking lots

  2. Sight lines of existing homes compromised by new structures

  3. Traffic impact on Martincoit Road through to Stone Canyon

  4. Agricultural management impact (dust, fertilizer, chemicals, etc) resulting from the agri-fields

  5. Unwanted activity (noise, litter, criminal, etc) that may result from public access of the proposed trails

  6. Impact on schools and associated additional traffic to the schools

Have other concerns? Submit your comments to the City regarding items you want considered in the EIR by Monday, June 10th, 5pm to:

David De Vries, City Planner
City of Poway, Development Services
13325 Civic Center Dr.
Poway, CA 92064