What's Happening at StoneRidge?

As you may have recently read in the San Diego Union Tribune and Pomerado News, the owner of StoneRidge Country Club has been exploring alternative uses for the property and hired a PR company to survey the community.  Over the last several months, the GVCA has meet with City of Poway officials, the owner of StoneRidge and their consultants to stay abreast of the issue. 

Shown below is the City of Poway's FAQ sheet on what is allowed there now and what it takes to change the zoning. Per the City of Poway "voter approval is required for any General Plan amendment, zone change, subdivision map, or other discretionary land use decision affecting any area zoned Rural Residential or Open Space, which would increase the residential density or change the zoning designation to allow commercial or manufacturing uses." 

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Thank you,

Steven Stone