Honoring a remarkable man and leader

Earlier this summer, Poway lost one of its founding fathers and prominent 11-year president of GVCA, Bruce Tarzy, M. D.

Bruce was a tireless leader as one of the creators of Poway’s city charter and became one of the rst elected members of the rst City Council in 1980 where he served two terms with great distinction, including two years as Poway Mayor. Bruce’s nearly 40 years of civic leadership at enumerable city council meetings and committees dedicated to making and keeping Poway our beautiful city can only be appreciated by living here. Bruce was an ardent promoter of parks, roads, and community facilities while always seeking to enhance and preserve the quality of life we all share. He worked to

develop the Poway Performing Arts Center; Hilleary, Valle Verde, and Old Poway Parks; the Poway Community Pool; the Scripps Poway Parkway and Business Park; and access to the city via Twin Peaks Road and Ted Williams Parkway, to name only a few accomplishments. His watchful eye and guiding hand is visible on so many of the projects associated with our city. Bruce is survived by his loving wife Beth and son Ryan.

Thank you, Bruce. We all miss you – your smile, your leadership and your friendship. And for any Poway resident that did not know Bruce, you are living Bruce’s legacy.