Update: Stoneridge Country Club

As you may know, the StoneRidge Country Club property is for sale and the owner is considering his options. The property is currently zoned Open Space Recreational (OSR) and any change in land use would require a citywide Proposition FF vote by the citizens of Poway.

The GVCA met with the owner of StoneRidge Country Club upon his request. We suggested that he communicate any intentions he has for the property to the property owners contiguous to the StoneRidge golf course and to the community.

To our knowledge, no proposal has been presented or filed with the City for any land use change. If an official plan is proposed by the property owner, the GVCA will be diligent in ensuring that it is in the best interests of the community.  

In the meantime, we continue to keep an eye on the situation and will update our members as public information becomes available.