What can be done? Tell Poway City Council what you think.

Water and sewer rates continue to rise as the City of Poway passes through costs for water and sewer charges to homeowners. Since 2004, our water rates have gone from $1.93 per unit to now a proposed $5.35 per unit. This Tuesday, October 20th at 7 pm, Poway City Council will discuss a staff report on recommendations to increase your water and sewer rates again:

  • 7.75% increase in the Water Commodity rate to $4.60 per unit (748 gallons) and $6.56 per unit for those using more than 200 units
  • Create a $0.75 per unit "Drought Recovery" water surcharge
  • 8.75% increase in Water Meter Charge
  • 7.5% increase in Sewer Use rate
  • 8.75% increase in the Sewer Service Charge 

So what do these increases mean to you? In total, these changes would increase the "typical" GVCA households bimonthly bill to $481 for an increase of $80 (see chart below). As we know, most households in the Green Valley area have larger yards, irrigated slopes, orchards and some even have large animals and are not the "typical" 20 unit water users the City discusses in the report.

Single-Family Residential Customer
Combined BiMonthly Water and Sewer Bill
(65 Units, 3/4-inch Meter, Tier 4) 

  • 61% of the cost is water is made up of water supply charges from the San Diego County Water Authority. The remaining 39% is the City's cost to operate our local water system.
  • 54% of the sewer rate is pass-through expenses from the City of San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater System. 
  • As we continue to cut back our water use, the price we pay will continue to rise due these pass-through increases and high fixed cost which are compounded by lower water sales revenue. 

We recognize this is a regional problem, but here are some of questions for City Council to consider:   

  1. How can the City reduce its operating costs to lessen rate increases year after year?
  2. Is the City adopting smart and fair water/sewer rates and policies for all ratepayers?
  3. Are the pass-through costs from the San Diego County Water Authority and the City of San Diego Metropolitan Wastewater System justified?
  4. What more can Poway do to push back against these pass-through increases? 
  5. What can be done to secure a long-term supply of water with a more stable price? 

What can you do? We strongly encourage you to submit your questions, concerns and suggestions to the Poway City Council at the meeting on Tuesday, October 20th, or by emailing them at councilmembers@poway.org

For more information on the proposed increases, go to: