Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMD)

LMD photo.jpg

What is an LMD? Landscape Maintenance Districts (LMDs) were created many years ago by developers as a way for property owners to pay for enhanced landscaping and improvements beyond those generally provided by the city. Each district is responsible for maintaining all irrigation and sprinkler systems, turf, trees, shrubs, and bushes in medians and public rights-of way. Monies collected from LMD assessments are set aside for the exclusive benefit of each district and can only be used for maintenance and improvement of that specific district. Many homeowners in north Poway are assessed on their property taxes under LMD 86-1. (To determine if your property is part of an LMD, check your property tax statement.)

Important Note: Voters rejected the proposed LMD 18-2 in November 2018. The vote was 56% "No" to 44% "Yes", with 57.44 percent of the 664 ballots returned. As a result, the proposed LMD assessments will not be billed to property owners and the existing assessments will continue. 


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